In order to make sure
that the unwanted animals
never come back

Control and Capture NORTH SHORE

On a simple call, your North Shore control and capture specialist moves quickly to analyze your situation and to deal with your infestation problems. Regain your peace of mind thanks to Urgence Faune control et capture Rive-Nord. We serve all the municipalities of the North Shore including Laval, Repentigny, assumption, Terrebonne, Mascouche, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Blainville, St-Eustache, Mirabel, etc.

Our North Shore control and capture experts have the specialized skills and permits required to carry out not only extermination or capture operations but also to carry out all corrective and preventive work (cleaning, decontamination, repair, clogging, caulking, etc.) in order to provide an effective, fast and especially definitive solution to your problems of insects, rodents or other invasive animals.




These animals love to make their way through the soffite and then settle comfortably in your attic…


Rodents have invaded your home and you can’t get rid of them? You need the services …


A family of skunks has settled under your porch or shed? They are looking for a peaceful place, which will keep them cool for the summer.


Rats are rodents that can be the basis of a lot of damage in your home. In addition to the material inconveniences…


Birds settle in ventilation, dryer and accessible holes or cavities on your home.


Any hole in a wall is enough to allow bats to settle (7mm and up). Bats …


Groundhogs dig burrows all over your land. These animals that seem peaceful can …

Small animals and rodents

Owners of apartments, farmland or industrial land, the presence of rodents on your land is never pleasant.

Wildlife Emergency ensures that animals prowling
around the house or nesting in your home


We’re eliminating the problem


Problems with insect, rodent infestation or the presence of wild animals are no secret to us. We know how to get rid of them and are able to answer all your questions. On a simple call, your control and capture specialist travels quickly to analyze your situation and to take care of your infestation problems.

Urgence Faune control and capture Rive-Nord effectively eliminates all types of rodents: mice, rats, field mice, etc. and keeps them away permanently. Emergency Wildlife gets rid of several other undesirables in no time such as raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, skunks, pigeons, bats and others. After the intervention of Emergency Fauna Laval, you are assured that these undesirables will never return.

Our services

Rodent control and capture
Capturing animals in urban areas
Cleaning and disinfecting
Repairing, clogging and caulking infestation entrances
Smoke test to see precisely animal entrances

No lethal method is used by Emergency Wildlife,in line with our value of respect for wildlife and the environment