Capture of wild animals



Emergency Wildlife is the business you need to eliminate your recurring problems of wildlife and small rodent infestations.

Emergency-Fauna has the permission of the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks to capture and relocate wild animals. We do this with the utmost respect for the protection of wildlife and animal rights. We are equipped with all the tools: pods, cages, baits and nets, for the capture of animals, regardless of the species that has taken up residence in your home. Animal capture techniques are no secret to us.

Our experts are familiar with the habits of animals and know where they settle and how to dislodge them. To do this, Emergency-Fauna analyzes the situation, determines their comings and goings, identifies the places of infestation and performs the appropriate intervention depending on the species. Once captured, the animals are relocated to their natural habitat, away from urban areas. Our animal capture specialists can then clean up and completely decontaminate infested areas. Emergency Fauna has developed techniques so effective and efficient that we do not hesitate to guarantee them for as long as 25 years.

After our visit, you are assured that the animals will never return to live with you. The inspection visit of Emergency Wildlife Animal Capture is free is non-binding on your part. Emergency service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

No lethal method is used by Urgence Faune, in line with our values of respect for wildlife and the environment

Like what:

You have a raccoon problem

These animals love to make their way through the soffite and then settle comfortably in your attic.

Emergency Wildlife first finds and captures the animal, then cleanse and decontaminates The place. We let us also repair and strengthen the soffite, so that no other family member can return.
What more can you ask for?

Like what:

You have a squirrel problem

These animals love to settle in dryer outings or attics to make their nests. Urgence Faune finds, disinfects and installs rodent-proof exit vents.

That’s it, it’s over!

Like what:

You have a bird problem

Birds settle in ventilation, dryer and accessible holes or cavities on your home. Equipped with ladder or gondola, Urgence Faune deploys all its techniques to extract nests and prevent future intrusion of birds by caulking, grilling or closing the exterior cladding of your home.

And have a good trip!

Like what:

You have a bat problem

Any hole in a wall is enough to allow bats to settle (7mm and up). Bats will choose places of heat loss and proximity to a quality hunting ground with lots of insects. Emergency Wildlife captures these beasts, finds the faults, isolates them and clogs the entrances to ensure peace of mind

And the problem is gone.

Like what:

You have a skunk problem

A family of skunks has settled under your porch or shed? They are looking for a peaceful place, which will keep them cool for the summer. Trust Urgence Faune to effectively and without damage stinking the stinking beasts. All that remains is to prevent the return of other wild animals, closing the entrances to the ground.

Our work is guaranteed!

Like what:

You have a groundhog problem

Groundhogs dig burrows all over your land. These seemingly peaceful animals can also trash your land. We trap the groundhogs and make sure they don’t come back. Repulsive products and effective burrowing help to ensure an end to this scourge.

Goodbye groundhog!

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