Exterminator mice and rats

Extermination mice and rats

Rats and mice are rodents that can cause a lot of damage in your home. In addition to the material inconvenience these rodents can cause, they are also the basis of the transmission of serious diseases. When they are present in a professional premises, they damage the company’s brand image. If you notice rats in your home or workplace or business, you will need to act as soon as possible, as these pests reproduce quickly. Instead of wanting to find a solution yourself that will not be sustainable, consider using a professional depreciater that guarantees you a lasting result. Urgence Faune is a rat control and capture company that uses smoke tests to detect the slightest possible infiltration into your aeration system, plumbing or piping or sewers.

Detect the entrances of rats and mice thanks to the smoke test

Rats generally infiltrate homes and businesses as a result of degradation or breakage in sewer lines. They take advantage of the crack in the pipes to penetrate homes or businesses.

For effective deratization, it is essential to carry out a smoke test. Indeed, carrying out our smoke test is the first step in our intervention to control and capture these pests from your rooms. Thanks to the smoke test, we are able to detect cracks in the pipes, even the smallest ones. The advantage with the smoke test is that it does not require unnecessary and expensive work. It is therefore a reliable and accurate diagnosis. In other words, our smoke test will allow us to identify the main cause of the presence of rats and mice in your home or business.

Smoke test: how does it work?

The best solution to find out if your home is actually invaded by rats is to perform the smoke test. It allows precisely the places through which these pests may have passed through to enter your home. Indeed without performing the smoke test, the control and capture phase could not succeedin the long term , because the rats will always find the means to infiltrate the house.

To carry out the smoke test, the technicians of “Urgence Faune” will inject smoke into drainage systems and pressure sewer lines. This identifies system flaws. This technique determines whether a piece of broken pipe or a crack allows rats to infiltrate. It is also a simple technique for identifying water leaks and gas infiltration.

Good to know: pressurized injected smoke is neither dangerous nor toxic to the inhabitants (physical person, pets or plants) of the house. In addition, it leaves no residue or tasks.

The smoke test procedure is carried out in 5 steps. We plug the plumbing vent located on the roof and fill all the drains with water. Subsequently we propel under pressure, the smoke into the plumbing pipes for a few minutes. Careful inspection will determine whether smoke is coming out through holes or cracks. Once the entrances are identified, the roof vent will be opened to allow smoke to escape.

Avoid the return of rats / mice by caulking

After the smoke test to identify the cracks through which rats sneak into your home, we make sure that these parts are well sealed to prevent any return of rats. When caulking is realized, it helps protect your home from the elements. It prevents water and air infiltration, but also helps prevent rats from invading your home. Effective caulking allows you to live in a healthy and healthy environment. The procedure is quite simple. Technicians use a quality sealant to plug the identified holes. Caulking is an effective solution for insulating your home.

As soon as the caulking is done, we proceed to lay baits and traps securely inside the walls. These are poisons that remain inaccessible to children and pets. Each week, the depreciate technician checks the entire house until the pest infestation is completely eradicated.

The decontamination stage

All rodents in your house are now checked and captured, but this is not enough. The presence of rats in the house could pose a health risk. Their nests and droppings carry pathogenic bacteria that can transmit respiratory or skin diseases or allergies. Then you have to do the decontamination. The disinfection of parts is done with products approved by the Ministry of the Environment.