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Rodents have invaded your home and you can’t get rid of them? You need the professional services of an expert mouse and mule exterminator.

Even if your home is clean and well maintained, mice and mules are able to take advantage of the slightest crack or outside gap (6 mm and over) to enter your home. Once done, these rodents reproduce very quickly and are difficult for non-professionals to eliminate. They can quickly cause a lot of damage, nibble on the sheath of electrical wires, feed on food from your pantry, stain their urine and defecation the insulation materials on your walls and even your kitchen countertops! They are vectors of disease and can therefore pose significant risks to your health and that of your family.

To deal with this problem on a permanent basis, use our mouse and mule exterminator services.

No lethal method is used by Emergency Wildlife,in line with our value of respect for wildlife and the environment

Extermination of mice and fieldmice

Emergency Wildlife exterminator mouse / mules knows how to identify signs of infestation and knows all the solutions to get rid of these undesirables permanently. The rapid intervention of an expert exterminator mouse / mules assures you of a total eradication, guaranteed 100%, carried out using the most effective and safe products (bait) or procedures (trapping) for health and the environment. In order to avoid any sanitation problem, Urgence Faune exterminateur mice / field mice also offers complete cleaning and decontamination services for places soiled by rodents, including the extermination of field mice in homes.

But for a comprehensive and definitive solution, mouse/mulots exterminator is also able to eliminate the problem at the source by preventing mice/mules from entering your home. Our mouse/mulot exterminator experts are masters at spotting the entry points outside (through smoke tests or inspection) and for building an impassable barrier between you and these small invaders. It performs the necessary repairs, renovations or interventions to avoid any future intrusion of these undesirables (laying of grids, clogging, repair, caulking, etc.).

In addition, the corrective and preventive work of mouse/mulot exterminators has an exceptional 25-year warranty! The emergency inspection visit of Emergency Wildlife exterminator mouse / mules is free is no commitment on your part. Emergency service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Contact Urgence Faune mouse / field mouse exterminator for a quick and definitive solution. Emergency exterminator available.

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