You have a rodent problem

You have a rodent problem

Owners of apartments, farmland or industrial land, the presence of rodents on your land is never pleasant. Despite the measures taken against them, it still comes from all sides. Worse, you will be at great risk trying to keep these little beasts away.

Indeed, deratization orextermination rodents is expert work. In this article, you’ll learn more about the subject and how to make up for a rodent invasion.

No lethal method is used by Emergency Wildlife,in line with our value of respect for wildlife and the environment

What are the risks of cohabitation with rodents?

There are an impressive number of rodents that can make you forget the idea of comfort and tranquility. It is generally distinguishable: mice, mice, rats,hamsters, squirrels, raccoons, the skunk and many others. Except for annoying noises, and gnawed furniture, cohabitation with rodents in general, and with rats in particular, makes you run great dangers.

Fire risk

These wild animals destroy by gnawing on furniture, clothing, appliances… and electrical wires. The wires, thus bare, are exposed to moisture and the risk of short-circuiting. It does not take more than that for a spark to respond to the general outbreak. A house that goes up in smoke… Could you have imagined that a simple rat could cause such a disaster?

The risk of infection

Rodents, which are regularly exposed to Infestations microbial and bacterial, swarm in every corner of your home, and often in your pantry or even in dishes. Some ignore these details and tolerate with varying indifference the comings and goings of rats in their homes. This is often because they are resigned to having fought against invasions without conclusive results.

However, rats, through bites, contacts or their droppings can contaminate humans. It is therefore easy to contract serious diseases such as Hanta Virus, leptospirosis, bubonic plague, typhus, etc.

What is the presence of rodents in your home?

Since the swarming of rodents in your living environment is not without risks, it is imperative to recognize the signs of their presence in order to quickly solve this problem. Rodents usually only go out after dark in order to have free rein. So how can we suspect their presence?

Rodents make noise by gnawing, moving… Already distinctive signs: these noises that prevent you from sleeping serenely at night. In addition, they leave their excrement lying around and use pieces of clothing and furniture residue to build their land. Clothes holed or torn for no apparent reason? You know the culprits! Rats and mice prefer to nest in moist areas such as the attic or cellars. They have a habit of using underground canals and pipe installations, which makes them inherently unpredictable. So what should we do in this case?

The first reflex would be to eliminate them or clean up their mess. But beware, in either case, without application and expert precautions, you are exposed to the risk ofinfection. Just cleaning their feces could predispose you to an infection. This is why nearly 80% of households and businesses call on experts to effectively solve the problem. And who better than Emergency Fauna pour Eliminate these critters and get rid of them for life?

Wildlife emergency: who are we?

Based in Canada, in the metropolitan area of Montreal,we use our expertise to intervene in both North Shore that in South Shore.

The comfort and ease of our customers is important to us. We have therefore set up our group of experts, with good manners and safe values, that can intervene urgently in your home. We guarantee the safety of your premises after the passage of our professionals. They are trained to intervene at your home in a short time, present a price quote and deliver a quality service in a friendly way. And all this at a price defying all competition.

The total and definitive disinfection of your home, our raison d’être.

The main objective of Emergency Fauna is to carry out a definitive extermination of rodents.

Our disinfection works have always been appreciated for their convincing results. In a matter of minutes, our agents will rid you of all kinds of pests andwildlife. In this way, we guarantee your comfort and reduce the dangers to yourself, your furniture and your appliances. Our intervention is of all interest, because rodents will no longer come back to bother you.

How do we do that?

The expert masters the behaviour of rodents and therefore proposes effective solutions to eliminate or scare them away.

Above all, it conducts an audit to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective procedure. That said, the type of service to be provided influences the choice of action to be taken. When it comes to hunting critters and keeping them away, the breaker obstructs the circulation channels. It can also use rodent repellents to keep them at a safe distance. On the other hand, if it isan extermination,the deratizer uses products that are harmful only to rodents. He has the equipment to protect himself and carry out his task. In a few hours, he’ll have rid you of the rodents without you risking infection. Also, our products are harmless to you or your loved ones and environmentally friendly.