Finding a rat in your home is not a good sign. In a few days, you will witness a real rodent show with significant consequences on various levels. This is why it is necessary to fight against this rat problem with rigor by seeking the help of the company Urgence Faune. But first, what do rats appreciate in your home? How do they settle when you least expect it? In this article, we explain what attracts rats and, above all, the solutions to put an end to this phenomenon.

What attracts rats: food and waste storage areas

rat infestation in a house

The rat feeds on just about everything that humans consume (cereals, meats, cheese, fruits, vegetables…). Your home is then the ideal place for this small animal. The house rat has a highly developed sense of smell, which allows it to detect the smell of food, drink and garbage left awkwardly out of the garbage bag. Foods coveted by these pests include plants, seeds, fruits, berries, nuts and meat.

Rodents always look for a little neglect to fill up. The daily presence of food makes it easier to build rat nests in the corners of your home.

The reality is that the rat infestation is a situation in which all homes (new or not) in Montreal are confronted. The rat comes to take advantage of the seeds stored in the silos or given to the poultry. The rat indulges in all appetites by taking pleasure in waste and animal food.

The rodent needs to drink like any animal species. It finds its sources in gutters, water pipes and in water bowls. They find their comforts everywhere.

In short, hotels, businesses and restaurants are favorite places for rodents. These pests find refuge in their food supply depots. And when it comes to the markets, as soon as the vendors come back, these places turn into a gala evening for them.

What attracts rats: an unhealthy and crowded environment

Poor hygiene is a favorable factor that attracts rats. If you have no rigor on the cleanliness of your home, the muridae family easily finds the free field for food and water.

In reality, rats and mice like to live in unsanitary places. With piles of cardboard, fabrics, wood, they create a paradise in order to take shelter.

In addition, if a house is dirty, it becomes an ideal place for the proliferation of these rodents and a shelter to stay warm with the risk of infestation.

On the other side, where the disorder is located is a favorable place for these beasts. Whether it is piles of newspaper, fabric or wood, you must arrange them so as not to give the opportunity to these pests to make their nest there.

What attracts rats: a great place to procreate and easy access

elements attracting rats in a house

Rodents are perpetually looking for a place that can play the role of favorable nesting for their young. Outside the house, piles of leaves falling from trees and any form of debris can form a nesting area to then colonize your environment.

If rats sometimes reproduce very quickly in a residence, it may be because of the easy accesses: the vacuum under the door, the ceilings, the holes in the walls, ventilations, plumbing or gas pipes, the sewer, the roof … That is, there are several openings that make your home vulnerable to a rat invasion.
Whatever the cause of the presence of these Apodemus sylvaticus in your home, it takes the intervention of a rat exterminator to control them.

Our measures to combat these pests

For an effective fight against the rat problem in Montreal, we invite you to call on our team of mouse exterminators.

In reality, Urgence Faune is a company specialized in pest management. Our professionals based in Montreal on the North Shore and the South Shore get rid of any type of harmful rodents in your home. The first action concerns the operation of capture and relocation of rats to preserve the ecosystem. Then we proceed to the decontamination by cleaning and disinfecting the premises.

In addition, since rats take by the breaches, it is essential to plug them. As such, we use quality products to caulk infestation entries. Urgence Faune is better placed to offer you smoke testing services. This is a revolutionary technique very effective to know with precision, the entrances of animals in your homes.