Smoke test

Smoke test

There are many steps to defeat the rodents in the house. One of the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions is the Smoke test or gassing with rodent smoke. The purpose of the smoke test is to determine the paths followed by rodents. as well as their hiding places. In reality, it is vital information that helps to identify rodent invasion routes. Thanks to Urgence Faune who has become a master in the art of control and capture of rodents, you will be able to benefit from the best smoke inspection service.

Smoke test

The smoke test to detect mouse entry

In almost every house or business in the world, there is a proliferation of rats and mice nests and mice. If you are not a victim at the moment, the risk remains. On the other hand, when you notice a single rodent in your home, it certainly means that there is a whole horde of rats. They are carpeted behind the partitions, in your pipes, between the walls, etc. No matter how many you kill, there will always be to replace those who perished. The worst part is that the more you kill, the more newcomers seem and the more rowdy. This is the limit of poisoning and Rat traps.

Rat smoke inspection is a working technique. It allows you to hunting rats your home, definitely. Indeed, the company specialist, thanks to this technique, identifies the paths of entry and exit of rodents. The inspector contribution to sewers And les Pipes from your home to injecting smoke. The injection is done under pressure and facilitates the detection of holes, cracks, etc. The technician will then plug the gaps and plug the holes. It will also be an opportunity to detect water leaks, for example. What is this technique really about?

Rat smoke test procedure at Emergency Wildlife

The smoke test procedure Er urgence Fauna takes place in several stages. The first is to plug plumbing vent which is at the roof level. The technician then fills the drains with water. Finally, it injects pressured smoke into the pipes for nearly 15 minutes. It is during this stage that you detect rodent inputs. Once the exits are identified, the technician plugs the holes and cracks to prevent future rodent invasions. The final step in the process is to unclog the roof vent. A few minutes later, the propelled smoke should dissipate from the pipes to allow the technician to work to plug the gaps. Once the holes are closed cracks,it can finally proceed to the rodent control and capture properly.

Smoke test: a dynamic, eco-friendly and easy-to-apply solution

Apply for an inspection of your home is a secure and environmentally friendly way to detect holes and cracks in the home. This will make it easier to repair plumbing facilities, among other things. It is these small works that guarantee you peace of mind in your home. Indeed, after such work, no rat will be able to enter it. One thing is certain, the smoke test is not vector of any form of danger to humans. It is, on the contrary, a diagnostic tool reliable and practical.

Detect the smallest cracks in the pipes and sewers in the house

Rat smoke inspection is a practical way to beat rodents and dislodge them from your home. Generally, house dwellers do not know how rodents invade homes so quickly. This is why some people continue to use the good old methods of deratization. Thus, rodents are watched, chased, tracked down and sometimes flattened with a large book of stories. This way, you will only be able to eliminate a few rodents.

Those who do not have time confide in Emergency Fauna who casts his nets and deploys his strategy. Through the rat smoke testing method, the company has added added added capital gains to its value deratization service. After its passage, the effects are immediate. A total silence reigns in the house, no bowl falls to the kitchen as if by enchantment, no race to the ceiling,no cheeses that disappear, etc. At Urgence Faune, experienced and experienced technicians will be able to meet your expectations with great speed and efficiency. So, never again, you will have rats in your home.

Accurate and reliable diagnosis

There is no better way to know rodent hiding places as well as their different journeys through your home. Indeed, thanks to this reliable technique, The technician’s diagnosis is without appeal. This is why, after the intervention of the Emergency Wildlife technicians, your home is completely free of Vermin. Rest assured, the equipment and tools used are in line with Ministry of the Environment.

An environmentally friendly and human-free method

La neutral smoke propelled under pressure in the pipes and sewers of the house is neither lethal nor dangerous to plants, animals and humans. In reality, at Wildlife Emergency,we want anything but to intoxicate you or pollute your home. In fact, after the gassing, the smoke dissipates as quickly as it entered the house. This is why the smoke is injected at the dose indicated by the competent structures of the Ministry of the Environment.

The rat smoke test, better service at a lower cost

To carry out the inspection work of thepipes,the technician will not need large means and tools. All it takes is a few smoke,and you’re done. This solution is definitely the cheapest on the market and the most efficient. In particular, it allows you to know where to lay poisons and rat traps.

Wildlife emergency in Montreal for rapid response

Efficiency, efficiency Readiness and speed in the conduct of rat smoke inspection operations are the characteristics of the company Emergency Wildlife. The structure, with several years of experience, maintains good working relationships with the supervisory services of the Ministry of the Environment. The team is also in charge of parasitic decontamination of houses and caulking. It regularly responds to emergencies. If you are in Montreal, visit the Emergency Faune website and then contact the company by writing to its customer service.