The proliferation of pests, whether rodents, mules, or pups, remains a real challenge to be met especially in a context of urbanization. Infestations of field voles and Apodemus sylvaticus are becoming more and more frequent in homes. In particular, the Rats can take up residence in your home. When these species of the family Muridae attack your home, it is not easy to get rid of it on your own. Fortunately, specialists in the field can be used to overcome the rat problem. Thus, in Montreal, Exterminateur Rive-Nord can help you in this arduous task rat infestation. We spot the nests of rats and then proceed to the decontamination of your premises effectively.

How do you know if rats are present in your home?

Family running from a rat

Rat infestations can shake up your habits. In reality, the presence of these Rodents at home is a health risk factor, but they can also destroy your food reserves and equipment. However, there are many signs that make it possible to identify the presence of these animals. Repellents in your home. These are mainly traces that they can leave, but also characteristic features specific to their way of life. It is very unlikely for you to meet them directly to conclude that they are actually in your home. But a simple way can be used for this: sign analysis.

Indeed, rats build their habitats from the materials they will find in your home. Frequently noticing paper or cut textile is one of the first signs of the presence of these pests. We can also talk about the smell of rat urine as well as their feces that can be easily distinguished. Another indicator remains the nocturnal noises that can be perceived when they gnaw different types of materials.

Similarly, it must be remembered that rats will very often leave traces of their paws during their various movements especially in dusty areas. Depending on the type of rat you are the victim of the infestation, nests can be spotted at height or can simply be burrows. In height, rats will generally favor protected areas of your rooms and especially difficult to access. However, other types of rats live in galleries that they dig.

Rats: how to get rid of them?

What must be remembered is that species of small fauna in search of food sources or simply during their migrations take up residence in human habitats in the Greater Montreal area. But, the fact is that this state of affairs presents disappointments.

The presence of rats especially in a dwelling is not hygienic and therefore can be the source of microbial or bacterial infections. And since they are real consumers, these critters can cause material damage in their search for food.

However, we must also remember that real solutions exist to combat rat infestations. We can afford to ask rat traps or carry out poisonings in order to get rid of them.

In addition, the use of a professional is also possible and effective. Specialized in pest capture and
animal rescue
, we are a company located in Montreal. It is a team of experts who intervene effectively for the complete deratization of your home.

At first, we spot the nests of rats. To achieve this, our experts carry out a Smoke test. This is a reliable way to accurately detect rat inputs. This test is carried out by injecting a non-harmful smoke. Once the breaches are detected, it will be a question of plugging them, the objective being to block a possible future access through the same channels.

Once the deratization is carried out, that is to say the captured rats, we proceed to a complete decontamination of your premises. Our team ofmouse exterminators uses several means for this purpose. They may also establish a relocation of critters when they change nests in order to fight them permanently.

In short, in Montreal, on the North Shore or on the South Shore, it is common for these pests to colonize your home. When you see the first signs of their presence, let us know. Your Exterminator in Laval will be able to spot the rat’s nest and carry out a complete extermination of these mules. Thus you will find your safety both from a health point of view and in relation to the various material inconveniences they can create.