Mice are rodents that invite themselves into homes and businesses. This invitation is caused by the presence of food in these places. During the winter, these critters invade homes to find a dry and warm place to build their nests. This invasion is not without risk for the owners of these houses. Indeed, these animals are real pests. Their capacity to cause harm is very important.

Destruction of home or office equipment

The incisors of mice have an exponential growth that never stops. This forces these animals to constantly gnaw things in order to reduce the size of these teeth. To this end, they often gnaw at:

  • electrical cables;
  • clothing;
  • wood;
  • the insulation material;
  • plastic;
  • soft materials;

The incisors of these rodents are endowed with a very resistant enamel. This allows them to gnaw at building materials. These animals are even able to gnaw at concrete. Therefore, mice are real dangers to the structures of houses. It is therefore necessary to involve a rodent exterminator as quickly as possible.

It is not uncommon for a house fire to be caused by mice in this place in Blainville or elsewhere. Indeed, by gnawing at the electrical cables, these animals expose the network to short circuits. It is therefore urgent to call an exterminator Blainville.

In addition, your household appliances can break down due to the presence of mice in your home. These animals can sneak everywhere. In Mirabel or elsewhere, do not hesitate to use a Mirabel exterminator.

Degradation of the aesthetics of the house

Mice always affect the aesthetics of homes. Indeed, these are animals that have poor eyesight. Therefore, when they are in the dark, they are forced to stick to the walls of the walls so as not to lose their direction.

However, the coat of mice is greasy. It therefore leaves traces on the walls. This degrades the aesthetics of the interior of the house. You can notice it at the angles. The traces left by these rodents are brown in color pulling on black. It is therefore necessary without further delay to resort to a Laval exterminator. The latter will carry out a
mouse decontamination

Health risks related to the presence of mice in your home

The presence of mice in your home in Laval is not only harmful to the equipment and aesthetics of the house. These rodents are also vectors of diseases transmissible to humans. These diseases are transmitted to humans through food contaminated by mice. It is therefore necessary to call the Laval mouse exterminator as soon as possible.

Mice may be responsible for salmonellosis in a human. Indeed, by gnawing at food, these animals leave bacteria responsible for this disease. By consuming these foods, you risk making salmonellosis. It is important to use a mouse exterminator.

Mice are sometimes responsible for Weil’s disease in humans. This disease results in a high fever. The patient has yellowed skin. To contract it, one must have been in contact with the urine of this rodent.

There are many other pathologies transmissible by mice. These are:

  • Armstrong’s disease;
  • fever following a mouse bite;
  • severe skin inflammation;
  • lymphocytic leukemia
  • respiratory disorders due to Hantavirus…

Lymphocytic leukemia affects the blood and is fatal. Hantavirus is also responsible for kidney disease. It can also cause hemorrhages. The intervention of a rodent exterminator is therefore required.

An invasion of houses by mice leads to an infestation of lice and bedbugs. The diseases that these rodents transmit are present in their urine and droppings.

The presence of these animals can pollute the ambient air of the house. Indeed, it happens that these rodents die in the house and their corpses emit unbearable odors.

To all these diseases are added the effects of the presence of these mice on the psychology of the inhabitants of the house. These animals can be the basis of depression in one or more residents of the house.

What to do in case of invasion by mice?

As soon as you notice the presence of mice in your home, immediately call a mouse exterminator. Urgence Faune is a company specialized in the extermination of rodents in homes and businesses.

If you are in Montreal and are the victim of a mouse invasion, contact the Montreal mouse exterminator. These rodents have a very high reproductive capacity. It is therefore not necessary to delay in calling an emergency exterminator.

The best exterminator on the north shore is of course Urgence Faune. We operate professionally using only products and materials recommended by the canadian health authorities.