A raccoon has taken up residence under your shed or walks freely in your attic? He digs through your trash cans, nibbles on your vegetable garden crops? You urgently need the services of a raccoon exterminator in Montreal.

A raccoon is an intelligent and skilled animal that can cause significant damage to your property. Although he is cute and seems harmless, he can be a threat because he does not hesitate to defend himself if he feels threatened. Like any wild animal, its reactions are unpredictable and can cause multiple injuries through bites and scratches.

It also poses a risk to the health of your family and pets as it is a vector of various diseases including rabies and scabies and carries fleas and ticks.

No lethal method is used by Emergency Wildlife,in line with our value of respect for wildlife and the environment

Extermination of a raccoon

An expert exterminator analyzes the situation, determines the animal’s circulation areas and installs a bait trap. Once captured, the raccoons are relocated by the exterminator to their natural habitat, far from urban areas and especially from your home!

Our raccoon exterminator will also examine the renovation or repair work to be done at the infiltration points (strengthening of the soffites, laying of grates, etc.) in order to prevent another raccoon from finding, one day or another, the weak points of your home and settling there in turn.

In addition, the corrective and preventive work of Emergency Fauna exterminator raccoon exterminator enjoys an exceptional guarantee of 25 years! The raccoon Exterminator inspection visit is free of charge and no obligation on your part. Emergency service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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