Cities are hospitable environments for pests. This is why there are small mammals, such as rats, who take up residence in homes and industrial facilities. Rats are rodents that cause both damage and serious disease. When you notice the presence of these pests in your industrial developments, you will have to make arrangements to make them leave. In case of rat problems, it is advisable to use an exterminator, because it guarantees you a lasting result.

Find in the rest of this post all the essential information to know to fight against rats in industrial facilities.

What is likely to attract pests in urban areas?

The abundance of resources in urban areas is the main factor that attracts small mammals called “pests”. Indeed, in the city, they easily find food, shelter and security. Pests are used in garbage cans and household waste. In addition, these animals are attracted to food, some pets placed outside the house. The underside of garages, sheds and steps serve as shelters for pests. Mammals are also attracted to spacers and attics, as they can make them their den or gnaw electrical wires in them.

Worrying about cracks, the #1 friend of pests

To prevent the intrusion of pests, there is nothing better than worrying about walls. In reality, cracks, which are found on the wall of buildings, serve as gateways for rodents. To sneak inside your home or facility, in Quebec rats only need a 2 cm crack, while the smallest are content with half. When the crack is too small, they nibble on it with their teeth.

Thus, you need to seal or block cracks and cracks. To achieve this, you can use a tight and solid mesh mesh. In addition, protect pipe passages by using grids. Use cement to seal gaps. As part of your pest control, you also have the option of protecting the exhaust ducts with stable grids. The ventilation ducts must also be secure.

Putting any food or edible food away by rats

The rat is an omnivore, which consumes practically the same food as human beings. So he can eat plants, grains, nuts, meat, garbage and pet food. He eats foods that are both edible and inedible. So, to combat rats, you need to keep away the food he consumes.

Pack all foods

To discourage rats, you need to protect all your food. You must hermetically pack the food that is kept in the cellar. In addition to this, you need to proceed with the preservation of your pets’ food, since rodents also consume them.

Place your garbage bags in closed containers

To feed, rats usually rummage through garbage. To protect yourself from rats, always place your garbage bags in containers. Take the same precautions for compost. When composting your organic waste outdoors, consider excluding leftover meat. You should also not spill the leftovers of meals in the toilet. Indeed, rats prefer to live in pipes. The leftovers poured into the toilet would thus be a source of food for them.

Empty waste from your cellar or basement

The cellar and the basement serve as shelters for rats. In addition to this, they can find edible objects there. To keep rodents away from your home, you need to rid your underground spaces of everything that is waste.

Contact us to get rid of rats

We are a rat catching company. Our rat and mouse exterminators are able to detect rats through smoke tests and other techniques. Indeed, the tests make it possible to discover the cracks at the level of the pipes. That is, this step makes it possible to identify the real causes of the presence of these rodents. After this step, Our exterminators proceed to relocate the rats. This step involves relocating the rodents away from where they were caught.

We finally proceed with the decontamination once the rats are captured. In reality, rats are carriers of pathogenic bacteria. The latter could cause diseases. It is thus necessary to decontaminate their nests. Urgence Faune can also be contacted for Animal Rescue.