Smoke test
for rat extermination

You have a rat, mice and small rodent problem. You feel invaded in the comfort of your home. You hired exterminators many times but your problem keeps coming back.

Urgence Faune has the solution that you need!

Urgence Faune uses smoke tests to discover any infiltration in your aeration system, plumbing, piping or sewers.

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Through this test, we discover for sure where the origin of your rat.

We propel smoke in your piping or other system in the house and we look for fumes. Sooner or later, smoke finds its way out. This allows us to estimate precisely where the rats, mice and field mice penetrate in the house.

We offer you suggestions of necessary jobs to eliminate your rat problem. It is particularly suggested to have your jobs supervised by a certified inspector.

All the work we do is guaranteed!

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