Urgence Faune is the company you will need to eliminate your recurrent problems of wild animals and small rodents’ infestations.

On top of stopping your infestation problem, Urgence Faune will do all the needed renovatios to obstruct the risky access :

  • Soffit
  • Air vent
  • Attic
  • Cabin
  • Dyer vent
  • Under the steps
  • Garage
  • Etc.

For example: You have a raccoon problem

These animals like to make their way through the soffit to comfortably settle in your attic.

Urgence Faune firstfinds and catches he animal to be thereafter able to clean and decontaminate the place. We also repair and reinforce the soffit, so none of his family members will be able to come back.
What more can you ask?

raton laveur

For example: You have a squirrel problem

These animals like very much to settle in the dryers vents or attics to make their nest. Urgence Faune finds them, disinfects and installs dryers vents which are rodent-proof.

Here we are!


For example: You have a bird problem

Birds settle in the air vents, dryer vents, holes or gaps that are available around your house. With a ladder or a basket, Urgence Faune use all their technics to remove the nests and avoid future intrusion of birds by draught-proofing, putting wire fence or closing the outside surfacing of your house.

And have a nice trip!


For example: You have a bat problem

Every gap in the wall is enough to allow bats to settle in (7mm and more). Bats will choose places where there are heat loss and close to a quality hunting ground with a lot of bugs. Urgence Faune catches these animals, finds gaps, insulate them and seal the holes to ensure you peace of mind.

And the problem is gone.


For example: You have a skunk problem

A family of skunks established under your stairs or cabin? They search a peaceful place to stay cool in summer. Trust Urgence Faune to trap, efficiently and without damage, the stinking animals. All we have to do is to prevent wild animals’ return by closing the entrance up to the ground.

Our work is guaranteed.


For example: You have a marmot problem

Marmots dig holes everywhere on your land. These animals seem to be peaceful, but they can also sack your land. We trap marmots and we make sure they will not come back. Repellents and effective filling of holes allows to end the problem.

Goodbye marmot!