Exterminator Montreal

If you need a true professional to protect your home against insect infestation or the presence of rodents and wildlife, call the best: Urgence Faune Exterminator Montreal! Our expert exterminators have the specialized skills and permits required for not only the extermination or capture operations, but also to achieve all the corrective and preventive measures such as (cleaning, decontamination, repair, sealing, caulking, etc.) in order to provide an effective and especially FINAL fast solution to your insects, rodents or other invasive animal problems.

You deal with infestation

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Field mice

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Small animals
and rodents

Urgence Faune will make sure that the animals which prowl around your house or make their nest will never come back!

We eliminate the problem
for good!


With Urgence Faune Exterminator Montreal, insects, rodents and wild animals that invaded your home will disappear and never come back! Much of our work benefits from an exceptional 25 year warranty. Contact Urgence Faune right now to reach an expert near you.

Our services

  • Animals capture in urban area
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Repairing, filling-up and draught-proofing the infestation’s entrance
  • Smoke test to see precisely the animals’ entrance