Urgence Fauneguide you from A to Z with your animals problems

  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Birds
  • Etc.
  • Rats
  • Field mice
  • Mice

We developed a full range of services that are GUARANTEED FOR 25 YEARS and we make sure that any animal will ever come back.

piegecapture rat grillage


We catch the unwanted animal (and his family, if necessary) as soon as possible to limit the damage already undertaken. Our expertise is huge in this field and we have all cages and traps that are necessary to do this job.

Certified assessment of the job

A certified inspector comes to estimate the job to make sure the infestation problem is resolved once for all. He supervises the job and complete the file with an inspection of completion of work.

Surveillance cameras

Urgence Faune installs cameras inside the animals den to verify, over a period of several days, that any animal comes back.


We make sure that an effective cleaning and decontamination of the place have been made.

Insulation and repairs

All the insulation, repairing, draught-proofing and renovation works that are necessary will be made according to the construction industry’s standards.

25 years guarantee

A warranty certificate of the job for a period of 25 years is issued. This warranty covers all the works done and the impossibility for the animals to invade again this area of your property.